Saturday, 12 November 2016

Kid's stuff

Just a small update: for our daughter's birthday party, we needed two large puzzles with a toolchest-y theme. The idea being that the kids will search for, and hopefully find, the various pieces and put them together to win a price.

So I took a bit of scrap triplex left from some home improvement job, cut it in half, an traced a bunch of my tools. First in pencil to make sure I got the contours right, and then in black marker. After that, I took the electric jigsaw and cut the pieces. Note 1: when making multiple puzzles, mark pieces on the back to know which puzzle it belongs to. Note 2: be careful when cutting, as an electric jigsaw cuts straight through metal workbench parts...

After that I sanded the edges and my wife added a bit of colour. And finally the kids liked the puzzles, so all in all another successful little project!

The puzzle before cutting it into pieces. I traced a few of my tools in pencil, and then used a permanent marker to make it, well, permanent.

And the other one, as we needed two... Notice the differences.

After cutting and painting number 1...

...and two.

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